Case studies

Case Study 1: Upgrading freezers and fridges
Pupils at Freshford Church School used Energy Sparks to identify energy wastage by an old inefficient freezer of £740 per year
Case Study 2: Improving the timing of boiler controls
Whiteways Primary School used Energy Sparks to change their boiler controls to save 35% in annual gas use.
Case Study 3: Storage Heater Control
Stanton Drew Primary used Energy Sparks to reduce storage heater costs by 28%. This saving covered the installation cost within 16 weeks.
Case Study 4: Replacing ICT Servers
Replacing an old inefficient ICT server saved Trinity First School £1,600 in electricity costs per year, returning the investment in 2.5 years 
Case Study 5: Replacing Storage Heaters
Trinity First School replaced storage heaters with air conditioning in its Early Years classroom block, saving about £1,500 per year in electricity costs.