Power Down Day

Challenge yourself to spend an entire day at home without electricity

5 KS1 KS2 KS3 KS4 Citizenship
Can you imagine what life would be like without electricity? 
We rely on electricity not just for the technology we enjoy using, but also often for our heating, hygiene and food! 

Challenge yourself to spend an entire day without using any electricity.

In 2019 51.45% of UK electricity was produced by fossil fuels. 

Burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases into our environment, gases which trap heat in our atmosphere and make the planet warmer. This warming is changing our climate, melting our polar ice caps, increasing sea levels and making the environment more polluted and inhospitable for animals, plants and us! 

Over half of the electricity used in all UK homes contributes to this climate change. (Your home may be more or less than this). 

On your Power Down Day you may need to think about:
  • How you prepare food
  • What you do for fun
  • What happens after dark
  • and more!

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