We help schools become more energy efficient and fight climate change.

Energy Sparks is an online, school-specific energy analysis tool & energy education programme.

For school management…

Online analysis of your school's energy use using up to date smart meter data. Notifications of changes in consumption with energy saving tips.

For teachers …

Eco-team and curriculum linked energy education and saving activities. Energy related lesson plans and downloadable resources.

For pupils …

Exciting activities for eco-teams to follow. Opportunities to compete with other local schools to see who can save the most energy.

Engaging with Energy Sparks has been a really worthwhile experience. Not only has the school saved money, the children have become more aware of the ways that they can help to reduce energy use…
Jennie Nixon

Head of School

Whiteways Primary School, Sheffield

Case studies

Case Study 1: Freshford Church School

Using energy information provided by Energy Sparks to reduce annual electricity costs by £740.

Case Study 2: Whiteways Primary School

Using energy information provided by Energy Sparks to save 35% in annual gas use.

Case Study 3: Storage Heater Control

Using Energy Sparks to reduce storage heater costs by 28%. This saving covered the installation cost within 16 weeks.

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