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Energy Sparks provides extensive support to teachers and eco-teams in learning about energy and climate change within the context of your own school.

  • Eco-team and curriculum linked energy saving activities.
  • Energy related lesson plans and downloadable resources.
  • Support for pupils in designing and carrying out experiments to monitor energy related data and behaviour patterns at school.

Built-in activities

Energy Sparks has an extensive list of built-in energy related activities and lesson plans from which you can choose. These are categorised by:

  • Education level (Key stages)
  • Subject English, Maths, Science, Design & Technology, etc.
  • Topic Climate change, Earth and atmosphere, Energy, etc.
  • Timescale

The majority of the activities and lesson plans are within the context of your school and make use of the extensive charting and analysis of your school’s smart meter data provided on the website.

Completed activities or lessons can be recorded on the website for which your school will gain points. These points contribute to a scoreboard where you can compare your progress against other schools locally and nationally.

Teacher’s dashboards

The starting point for teachers using Energy Sparks is your 'Teacher's Dashboard' which is specific to your school.

This provides a focal point for your energy related teaching, including:

  • Charts: showing your school’s recent gas and electricity use.
  • Alerts:highlighting recent significant changes in your energy use, and hints an tips on how to reduce your energy consumption.
  • Suggested lessons and activities: to make choosing a lesson plan or eco-team project easy the dashboard provides a list of suggested activities, these are contextual to the time of year or a recent change that Energy Sparks has noticed in your energy usage.
  • A timeline of completed activities and actions.

Pupil's dashboard

Energy Sparks has a separate dashboard designed for school pupils, which presents energy information in a more pupil friendly manner.

The content is focused on encouraging pupils to actively engage in promoting energy saving in the school and take part in energy saving activities. The dashboard aims to provide them with a greater understanding of energy and climate change.

Energy facts are introduced to help pupils understand the energy, monetary or climate impact of energy use within their school.

Support for pupils is provided in designing and carrying out experiments to monitor energy related data and behaviour patterns at school.

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The website is a great resource for adults and children with activities and data which allow children to apply their mathematical and scientific skills and knowledge. I would highly recommend to any other school.
Jennie Nixon

Head of School

Whiteways Primary School, Sheffield

Case studies

Case Study 1: Upgrading freezers and fridges
Pupils at Freshford Church School used Energy Sparks to identify energy wastage by an old inefficient freezer of £740 per year
Case Study 2: Improving the timing of boiler controls
Whiteways Primary School used Energy Sparks to change their boiler controls to save 35% in annual gas use.
Case Study 3: Storage Heater Control
Stanton Drew Primary used Energy Sparks to reduce storage heater costs by 28%. This saving covered the installation cost within 16 weeks.